Valid audio file types in OnStage

For the best sound quality in OnStage, we recommend using AIFF audio files (.aiff).

OnStage support all Core Audio supported sound files, which included the following formats and extensions: AAC (.aac, .adts), ACS (.ac3), AIFC (.aifm .aiff, .aifc), AIFF (.aiff), Apple Core Audio Format (.caf), MPEG Layer 3 (.mp3), MPEG 4 Audio (.mp4, .m4a), NeXT/Sun Audio (.snd, .au), Sound Designer II (.sd2), and WAVE (.wav, .wave).

OnStage will attempt to load any file placed in the show, but files that do not have one of these extensions and are correctly formatted may not load correctly. Files that are not compatible will load into sliders, but will not play back. Corrupt files will produce a warning upon you attempting to play them back.