Stagehand brings the Roscolux, GAM, Lee and Apollo swatch books together on your iOS device! Gels are viewable by their swatch book, or all together sorted by hue, letting you find the perfect color without worrying about manufacturer. Each gel is complete with manufacturer information including transmission and description as well as samples of neighboring colors in the swatch book.

The entire collection of gels in Stagehand is searchable not only by its name, number, and description, but also by color with the built-in color search that allows you to select a color from the color wheel and see the closest matches available to the selected color.

Stagehand is provided as a free reference for professionals and amateurs alike, and we hope you enjoy the app! Stagehand is already used hundreds of times a day and has been downloaded by over 35,000 users since it launched almost 10 years ago!