Product: OnStage

Valid audio file types in OnStage

For the best sound quality in OnStage, we recommend using AIFF audio files (.aiff). OnStage support all Core Audio supported sound files, which included the following formats and extensions: AAC (.aac, .adts), ACS (.ac3), AIFC (.aifm .aiff, .aifc), AIFF (.aiff), Apple Core Audio Format (.caf), MPEG Layer 3 (.mp3), MPEG 4 Audio (.mp4, .m4a), NeXT/Sun […]

Creating shows with OnStage Show Maker

In addition to building shows on the iPad by adding files from iTunes File Sharing or from the music library, OnStage allows you to import a single bundle containing all your audio, which you can then rearrange and further configure in the app. This bundle is created on a macOS-based computer using the OnStage Show […]